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New Co-cooking workshops

Our Co-cooking training programme has started 2017 full of energy, with the intention of continuing to encourage talent through its support of training for catering students from the different Galician catering colleges.

After having been at the “Horta de Teodoro”, the ecological farm “Arqueixal” and the “Pan de Moa” facilities, Co-Cooking went to Silleda on the 9th of February, to “Cortes de Muar”, with 21 first-year students of the Kitchen Management Superior Course from the CIFP Compostela college.

On Tuesday, cheese will once again be the protagonist on a day when we will return to the ecological farm “Arqueixal”, located in the village of Santiago de Albá. We will be there with 15 second-year students from the Cooking and Gastronomy Course from the IES Sanxillao college in Lugo, who will have the opportunity to learn in detail about the product at source.

Taller CoCooking

During the workshop, led by the members of this family-run farm located in the Ulloa region, the students will learn about the process involved in making this D.O (Protected Designation of Origin) cheese, which is based on a love of the country-side and sustainable development from an ecological, economic and social perspective.

Taller CoCooking


In addition, there will also be a tasting session of natural and ecological products made at this farm such as cheeses and yoghurts.

The Hijos de Rivera Co-cooking Programme is a collaborative training initiative aimed at students and professionals in the catering sector. Through a number of activities, it contributes to training highly qualified professionals, encouraging the exchange of knowledge mainly among producers, chefs and students.

Taller CoCooking

Every year, our Co-cooking programme offers training proposals of great interest for colleges and professionals from the catering sector with the aim of encouraging learning and relationships between all parties involved. There will be practical workshops throughout the year on a number of different subjects such as bread making, meat cutting and how to deal with fish and seafood among others, which students from catering colleges in Galicia will attend.

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