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Published on May 21st, 2014 | by mundohr


Agua de Cuevas: new image


Our water brand reformulates its labelling to highlight its health benefits specifically aimed at family consumption. Agua de Cuevas changes its image. Its labels as well as the top of all its PET bottles (33 cl., 50 cl. and 1.5 L) renews its design and incorporates new information elements that bring to the fore its properties as water for the family.

With this change Agua de Cuevas has a two-fold aim. On one hand, to show a fresher and more attractive image, reinforcing its presence among consumers and, on the other, to further highlight its  health benefits  and origin, as a spring water from Asturias.

Hence, in the background on the label as well as on the top, the characteristic mountain views of Asturias and the brand’s logo are renewed, softening the shapes. Likewise, on one of the sides there is a familiar icon reminding consumers of the low sodium content of our water, and on the other, a table breaking down the properties ideal for babies.

The stamp that certifies its suitability for the preparation of children’s food is also renewed to bring it to the forefront.

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