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Brazil, our first international market

Ignacio Rivera: “This dream began in 2008 and we can now state that it has come true”. “Currently, we have over 50 people in Sao Paulo and we reach thousands of points of sales”.


In Sao Paolo last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of enjoying one of the most exciting moments of my professional career, the corporate presentation in Brazil, with which our project made its debut and which we can classify as historic for our Company.

This dream began in 2008 and we can now state, without any doubt, it is a reality. In 2012, “Estrella Galicia do Brasil, our Brazilian subsidiary(,) was born, in a market with a potential 200 million consumers, ranked third in the world for volume.

Discurso de Ignacio Rivera Sao Paulo

We have reached many milestones in this time, during which we have been able to detect a perfect positioning opportunity for our products, allowing us to achieve a well-planned strategy at a demanding cruising speed, as required by markets of opportunity.

Currently, there are over 50 of us in Sao Paolo, reaching thousands of points of sale, making Brazil our first international market and the spearhead for our development in South America. None of this would have been possible without the leadership during this project of Fabio Rodrigues, and all his magnificent team at Estrella Galicia do Brasil. To sum up, we are an increasingly international organisation that can work as a team with a solid, unified message in all our markets.

To celebrate all these achievements, we decided to organise the first edition of the Estrella Galicia Festival, a music project that integrates world music, especially flamenco, jazz and popular Brazilian music which accompanied our corporate presentation in Sao Paolo.

Festival Estrella Galicia Brasil

Around 1,400 people filled the venue, Tom Brasil , on 19 November and were witness to an exemplary fusion of renowned flamenco artists such as Jorge Pardo, Javier Colina, Pepe Habichuela, Josemi Carmona and Bandolero, with Filipe Catto, a young Brazilian popular music star.

A treat which contributed even more, if that is possible, to the sensation I have of experiencing an historic moment in our international development as a Company.

Festival Estrella Galicia Brasil

In summary, we are an increasingly international organisation that has the ability of working as a team with a solid and unified message in all our markets.

Thank you all and “Vai Brasil”.

Festival Estrella Galicia


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