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Cabreiroá launches its first campaign in Spain



Our water brand is taking a further step to reinforce its presence among Spanish consumers, with a new campaign demonstrating its differentiating characteristics: its quality, it’s water for life, and it’s groundbreaking.Cabreiroá launches a new media campaign in Spain. Our water brand aims to become a national Premium operator and, as of Monday 28 April, it will do so with a new energetic and original publicity campaign on the main Spanish TV channels.

The new campaign has a two-fold objective: to leave behind the clichés and traditional elements seen up to now in the advertising of mineral water by introducing a different and ground-breaking format and, secondly, to bring to the forefront our water’s own properties as a water for life, as energetic, from the Atlantic area, and place a special emphasis on its balanced mineral content. Hence the main slogan of the campaign: “La vida es dura, tu agua no puede ser tan débil” (“Life is hard, your water can’t be so weak”)

The format adopted for the ads is also a differentiating element.  There are three ten-second ads which attempt to reflect the difficult aspects of life by drawing a smile from the viewer, with humorous scenes taken from home videos on Youtube. The ads close with the image of a bottle set in an Atlantic background and the slogan read by an off-screen voice.

In the same line, and coinciding with the Brazil World Cup 2014, two different ads will be aired related to our sponsorship of the Spanish National Football Team, and will have a personalised slogan: “Football is hard, our squad’s water can’t be so weak”)

This national campaign will be complemented with a parallel one in Galicia, to reinforce the recent PET bottle launch.  It will be visible in the main cities in Galicia on outdoor advertising and on buses, as well as in leading newspapers, with the slogan: “Presume de Cabreiroá todos los dias” (“Show off your Cabreiroá every day”).

The new campaign will be broadcast throughout May, June, July and August. With it, Cabreiroá takes a further step to reinforce its presence among Spanish consumers.


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