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Concert 1500 at Sala Mardi Gras in A Coruña will star Juan Perro


The artist will offer two 1906 small great moments next week to celebrate the musical history of this emblematic venue.

Sala Mardi Gras will celebrate the 1500th and 1501st concerts since its inauguration in November 1999 with one of those 1906 small moments with Juan Perro performing on its stage.  They will be two dates to remember with one of the most admired and respected artists in the world of music, Santiago Auserón, accompanied by another great musician, Joan Vinyals.


Showing off the musical history that he knows so well, Juan Perro takes compositions from Cuba to New Orleans and back again, like an old “sonero” and a thoroughbred bluesman, bringing shores together, and amassing syncretism in a spectacular treatise on blackness that never hides the nuances (rock, the troubadours, Mediterranean, among many) which some of the songs originally possessed.

Juan Perro; brilliant and captivating, magnificent in both form and substance, accompanied by that guitar magician with an incredible musical background, Joan Vinyals (Barcelona), to whom Auserón warmly refers to as “el dimoni del barri de Gràcia” (“the demon from the Gracia neighbourhood”)

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