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Estrella Galicia takes on the “octopus one”

We launch a “Pulpo á Feira” edition within our Fábrica
de Cervezas Estrella Galicia
Project which will be on sale on the Estrella
Galicia online store, from 6 October: 

Octopus, cachelos
and paprika have been present at different steps in the brewing process aimed
at surprising consumers and paying tribute to the traditional
 pulpo á feira.

This beer has counted on the collaboration of local
providers like Pescados y Mariscos del Noroeste and the Asociación de Pulpeiros
de Carballiño.

This is recipe number 12
of the most innovative brewing project on the market
, Fábrica de Cervezas Estrella Galicia, which has already
successfully launched beer with P
adrón peppers, gooseneck barnacles, honey and chestnuts, among others.  

Fábrica de Cervezas Pulpo

Estrella Galicia’s brew
masters continue to apply the company’s centuries-old brewing knowledge to the
production of innovative recipes aimed at challenging its consumers to explore
new flavours. On this occasion we do so with octopus, thus responding to a
demand from followers who always ask the brewer to go further in their daring

Fábrica de Cervezas Estrella Galicia  Pulpo á Feira edition aims to evoke the flavours  of this emblematic dish of Galician gastronomy. The result is fruit of a complex brewing process in
which the traditional beer ingredients blend with those that identify a good pulpo
á feira
tapa, creating a perfect balance that gives way to the final

On this occasion, the
Estrella Galicia master brewers used barley malt and wheat malt, in addition to
the variety of Czech hops Sladek and yeast type Ale. In addition, potatoes were
incorporated in the production of the brewer’s wort to represent the  cachelos and several kilos of
certified Galician octopus, previously “frightened” as tradition dictates.
Sweet and hot paprika is added in the maturation stage, as well as water from
the cooking of the octopus. 

This beer has counted on the collaboration of local
providers like Pescados y Mariscos del Noroeste, which provided the 100% Galician octopus, and the Asociación
de Pulpeiros de Carballiño
, which have supplied the octopus water added in
the final stage. 

The result is an  Experimental Seasonal Beer, an excellent
Ale type beer,
mid-bodied, moderate gas, and 5.8% alcohol by volume. With a
brilliant golden colour,  it releases a moderate aromatic intensity
from which notes that remind one of  pulpo
á feira
emerge.  In the mouth, the initial
sweetness gives way to more complex sensations, in which bitter taste and the
final spicy notes have great prominence.

Luis Alvar, master brewer of Estrella Galicia, states that “in the team we are extremely
satisfied with the final recipe and we hope that it will live up consumers’
They are the ones who constantly
challenge us to take risks and present increasingly innovative proposals. Our challenge is to continue exploring ingredients,
processes and combinations that lead us to new brewing recipes to maintain the
level of creativity they expect from us”

Pulpo á Feira is 12th recipe in the most ground breaking brewing project in the
market, Fábrica de Cervezas Estrella Galicia, which has already presented successful recipes
like Padrón peppers, gooseneck barnacles, pumpkin, honey, chestnuts, and
oranges, among others. This latest launch will be on the market from 6th of
October on and off trade, as well on La

Estrella Galicia´s on line store. 

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