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Published on May 16th, 2017 | by mundohr


Fontarel launches new campaign in Andalusia

Fontarel is launching a new multimedia campaign in Andalusia, which aims to build a closer relationship with the region’s consumers by transmitting its personality and Andalusian origins.

Campaña Fontarel

When something is born in a particular place, it does so steeped in the personality that surrounds it and adopts values linked to its environment. Fontarel, as water that emerges from the Andalusian lands, transmits the Andalusian personality with every step it takes. Colour, light and joy continue to be the elements that characterise the image of our Andalusian brand, and that are carried into the campaign with a claim that establishes a strong link between the brand and the region: “Porque en Andaucía la vida se bebe a todo color” (“Because in Andalusia life is drunk in full colour”).

As David Fernández, Brand Manager de Fontarel stated, “On this occasion, we wanted to emphasise that the water originates in Andalusian lands and, therefore, has the personality of the region at the centre of its essence”.

The campaign, which will run in May and June, will be carried out on external means such as buses, trams and billboards, on the radio and in magazines such as Hola, Pronto and Saber Vivir. In addition to this, we will, for the very first time, be present on TV, sponsoring prime time TV shows on Canal Sur.

Once again, the singer Rosa López, from Granada, who is extremely well-known in Andalusia will be the image for the brand, as she perfectly embodies the values and characteristics that define Fontarel: natural, trustworthy, close, and full of joy.

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