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The Hijos de Rivera Co-cooking training programme, at Degustta InCoruña

The Hijos de Rivera Co-cooking programme will be part of the Degustta incoruña event, promoting the participation of students from the Escuela de Hostelería de San Javier (San Javier Catering College in A Coruña).

This project seeks to bring diverse and innovative proposals to the public and will hold workshops open to the public over three days in May (Friday 16, Saturday 24 and Saturday 31) at the Plaza de Lugo Market.

After being part of the Portamérica Festival (last July in Nigrán, Pontevedra) and the Fórum Gastronómico in A Coruña, the  Co-cooking Programme takes a step further and becomes part of Degustta InCoruña, encouraging the participation of students from the Escuela de Hostelería San Javier (San Javier Catering College) in A Coruña, in the gastronomic workshops with renowned chefs such Beatriz Sotelo, Luis Veira and Pablo Gallego among others. Working alongside great professionals, over 20 students will have the opportunity to acquire practical know-how both in the kitchen as well as in the restaurants of reference chefs.

At the first event, the students will attend the “Sushi en el mercado” (“Sushi in the Marketplace”) workshop and the “Degustta el Mercado” (“Degustta in the Marketplace”) workshop held by the chef Pablo Gallego. On Saturday 24, they will make the Cortes de Muar cheese and will take part in the “Cocina a ciegas con la ONCE” (“Blind Cooking with the ONCE”) activity with Beatriz Sotelo and Luis Veira. Finally, on Saturday 31, the students will attend the “Deporte, Salud & Gastroteca” (“Sport, Health & Gastroteca“) workshop led by Chechu Rey, and to close the event, a “Repostería creativa sin gluten” (“Creative gluten-free baking”) class.

The main objective of the Hijos de Rivera Co-cooking programme is to contribute to the training of future top professionals by encouraging the exchange of knowledge in such a way that the potential of Galician cuisine is brought to the forefront as a tourist attraction.



11.30am Sushi en el mercado. (“Sushi in the Marketplace”) Sushi man

12.30pm Degustta in the Mercado (“Degustta in the Marketplace”) with Pablo Gallego. Shopping at the market, cooking and lunch with Pablo Gallego. It will become a Masterclass, with the participation of Champagne Mumm and Bicos de Xeado


10.00am Cortes de Muar cheese making

11.00am Cocina a ciegas con la ONCE (”Blind cooking with the ONCE”). With Bea Sotelo and Luis Veira


11.00am Deporte, Salud & Gastroteca (“Sport, Health & Gastroteca”). Chechu Rey (Chef at the Gastroteca-Hesperia and No sport Limits)

1pm Repostería creativa sin gluten (“Creative gluten-free baking”). Celicatessen


Successful Estrella Galicia Co-cooking & Beer at the Galicia Forum Gastronómico de A Coruña

Successful first day for Co-cooking Programme at portAmérica festival

The Hijos de Rivera Co-cooking Programme begins, with six Michelin-starred chefs, in the PortAmérica festival 

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