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The Hijos de Rivera Volunteering Programme sets up a new “kilo/litre” campaign for the Banco de Alimentos

CARTEL_VOLUNTARIADO_ALIMENTOS_CLARITO_PEQUEOnce again, the Hijos de Rivera Volunteering group has decided to put its Volunteering Programme Calendar 2014 into action to lend some time and effort to help those in need.

As a first step in 2014, we will launch the “1st Kilo-Litre Operation” on behalf of the Banco de Alimentos (Food Bank) and will begin on Monday 26, until Friday 30 May. During this time, all the company’s work centres will have clearly marked containers for all those who wish to leave their donation.

The Banco de Alimentos needs our urgent collaboration, as it finds itself with a lack of resources. They have told us that they urgently need some of the following products: beans, chickpeas, pasta, flour, cereals, cocoa drinks, sugar.. as they highlight the importance of having stock available.

Any employee can make a contribution, and/or get involved in the activities carried out by the Company Volunteer group throughout the year. 

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