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Made-to-Order Novelties


True to its innovative spirit, Custom Drinks continues to develop original drinks, inside and out. In recent months, a number of energy drinks, teas, soft drinks and tonic waters have been added to the already long list of customised drinks.


A new energy drink whose formula and design has been developed by Custom Drinks for the DonPin brand. It can be found in corner stores throughout Madrid in 500ml cans and in two flavours, classic and fruit.


Project commissioned by The Water Company group to create the image for its four flavours of tonic water: cinnamon, mandarin, classic tonic water and liquorice. It can be found on- and off-trade throughout Spain.


The Peggy Sue’s hamburger chain, inspired by the ‘50s USA, was looking for an iced tea drink to put on its menu. This bottle of Lemon Tea includes its logo along with a simple and fresh design. It can be found in the chain’s 50 restaurants throughout Spain.


Two new tropically inspired drinks, both inside and outside. Kailani green tea with lime and ginger, and Kailani black tea with lemon were developed for Buena Vibra. They are sold on-trade in the Barcelona area.


The PinkCow group asked Custom Drinks to design two drinks aimed at female consumers. PinkCow is a non-alcoholic energy drink with a very new and distinctive flavour, while Cardiotónica has beneficial properties for the heart. They are on sale in Spain on and off-trade.

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