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The Co-cooking festival flavour left all present wanting more

Few combinations can be as satisfying as that of music and gastronomy. However, the Co-cooking ShowRocking marquee that is set up every year at the very heart of Festival PortAmérica, in Nigrán, is much more than that. On one side of the bar, those who attended the great music festival in the Rías Baixas enjoying an unusual menu, in the positive sense, that allows them to leave behind the classic festival sandwich and enjoy a variety of original and different tapas, worthy of a Michelin Star.

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On the other side of the bar, on the inside, around thirty future catering promises from all over Galicia learn and share knowledge with great Spanish and international chefs, led by Pepe Solla. Some of the students have even become firm advocates of the occasion, and have wanted to repeat the experience of previous years, to enjoy the concerts with a cutting board and knife in their hands. Everyone worked hard and needed to as there were many mouths to feed at this fourth edition of the festival that has seen the number of attendees increase by 25%, with almost 30,000 festival-goers.

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On this occasion, however, no-one could avoid losing concentration when Iván Ferreiro, Eladio y los Seres Queridos and Xoel López turned the bar of the ShowRocking into the third stage to sing some of their most well-known songs, leaving those there with an even better taste in their mouths. The Co-Cooking students have left the Porto do Molle marquee not only with special memories of the festival but also a unique experience to add to their CV, after serving thousands of people side by side with chefs such as Lucía Freitas from A Tafona, Álvaro Villasante, from Paprica Lugo, Javi Olleros, from Culler de Pau, Xosé Cannas (Pepe Vieira) and Yayo Daporta, among many more.

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With our Co-cooking programme, Hijos de Rivera wants to contribute to the training of catering students, as well as adding value to the strong potential of our cuisine and the excellence of our products, always trying to offer unique and original experiences that motivate them to enjoy their profession and constantly improve. So far in 2015, almost a hundred students have participated in our Co-cooking programme in cities such as A Coruña, Vigo, Madrid and Valladolid to share kitchen and knowledge with renowned chefs, learning from the best.

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