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Published on May 15th, 2020 | by mundohr


Fábrica de Cervezas Madroños edition, Estrella Galicia’s homage to Madrid

Fábrica de Cervezas Estrella Galicia with Madroños incorporates natural madroño juice
during the brewing process giving rise to a fruit lager with a traditional

10,000 litres of this recipe, which can be purchased both
online and at selected points of sale within the area of Madrid, will be
available on the market in the next few days.

Our Brand
Estrella Galicia
 surprises again and presents a new edition of
its Fábrica de Cervezas project in which it incorporates madroño
as an ingredient. In this way, the brewery pays homage to Madrid with a
different product, aimed at those who are looking for new experiences when it
comes to tasting a beer. 

Fábrica de Cervezas Estrella Galicia with Madroños is a fruit beer, resulting from incorporating natural juice extracted from the madroño  in the maturation phase, prior to the
conditioning and later packaging of this beer. In addition, on this occasion, our
master brewers have used three types of malt and
the Cascade and Relax hops that provide floral and
fruity aromas and a moderate bitterness.

The madroño, known scientifically as  Arbutus unedo,is a species of
shrub typical of Mediterranean areas that reaches, on average, 5 meters in height. Its
fruits are commonly used for the production of jams, and in some cases also for
making liqueurs. 

The beer  resulting from this process is golden and with a white foam, with
intense aromas from the madroño and the hops used.
perceptions include slightly acidic and refreshing sensations and moderate
sweetness at the end.

who want to try this new edition of beer will
be able to get hold of it from today on
the website of Estrella Galicia,as well as in selected establishments in
they will have to hurry because only 10,000 litres will be launched on the market in a 50cl bottle

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