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Galician cider claims its place

Galicia is the biggest producer of cider apples in Spain and supplies cider presses in a number of regions. 

The apple harvest is starting lasting for around a month, with the participation of a large number of small and large apple farms, mostly from the area of Chantada and A Estrada.

Our Maelocciders, made at Custom Drinks, lead the Galician cider offering, shaking up the market with innovative proposals such as flavoured ciders, and strongly supporting ecological crops.

Cider is a product that is traditionally associated with other regions, but few people know that Galicia is the largest producer of cider apples in Spain, and its production habitually supplies cider presses in a variety of regions. The apple harvest is starting in the Galician countryside with a harvest that is forecast to be especially abundant, counting on the participation of a large number of small and mid-size apple farms, especially in the area of Chantada and A Estrada. 

Galicia has always had a cider making tradition, associated to small cider presses with limited production, but in recent years it has begun to see a clear reason to revitalize the tradition in the region and earn a place in the Spanish market with a differentiating proposal. 

At the head of this movement to support Galician cider apples and its own production of cider is Custom Drinks, a company located in Chantada (Lugo), which has lead the way in the sector with ground-breaking projects fruit of its innovation lab. The launch of our flavoured Maeloc ciders shook the market up in 2013, making us the first to present these proposals in Spain. 

Another of its differentiating characteristics is linked to ecological crops. Almost 40% of what arrives at Custom Drinks is made up of ecological apples, a conscious effort by the company in recent years that has become consolidated and that materializes in almost half of the production of Maeloc ciders. 

Harvest time

Apple growers are in the middle of the cider apple harvest in Galicia, with a campaign that will last around a month and is expected to be abundant.  

Everything collected will be taken to Custom Drinks: over 1,000 small farmers from all over Galicia will supply the apples with which the 100% Galician Maeloc cider is made. 

The harvest is mainly made up of autochthonous varieties such as 

Rabiosa, Pero, Jamardo, Marafonsa, Ollo Mouro and Ollo Landoi. 

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