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Customdrinks, new solar commitment from the “heart of Galicia”

Customdrinks has launched a photovoltaic
installation of 900 solar panels for self-consumption, in collaboration with
the power company POWEN, at its Chantada (Lugo) factory.

Competitiveness, proximity, sustainability and regeneration are part of the purpose and commitment of the company, which has been supporting Galicia and its resources for more than 20 years from Chantada.

Customdrinks has taken a new step in its commitment to sustainability and regeneration. Its factory located in the town of Chantada, in alliance with the specialised power company POWEN, has just launched 900 panels of its first photovoltaic self-consumption installation.

Instalación fotovoltaica Customdrinks

The installation, located in an area of 3,500
m2, began operating last January and expects an annual production of more than
524MWh, enough to supply about 35% of the energy consumed at the plant.

During the useful life of this installation it
is estimated that CO2 emissions will be reduced by 3,000 tonnes, equivalent to
regular traffic of 2,831 vehicles.

Customdrinks, sustainability and regeneration
from the source

Customdrinks  has been promoting its vision of
agro-industrial development of the rural environment in Galicia for more than
20 years based on responsible and committed competitiveness. Since its
inception as Sidrería Gallega, it has been adapting its production model with
the aim of becoming a centre of research, development, innovation and
sustainability of reference.

Since their inception as cider producers, they
have boosted the cultivation of native apple and the closure of their
transformative cycle in Galicia. Maeloc ciders are produced 100% with Galician
apples of more than 1,000 native growers, contributing to the production of
apple in rural Galicia and in turn supporting the development of organic
cultivation. In addition, in its dynamic of orientation towards the circular
economy, 100% of apple pulp is used for animal feed of livestock in the area.
Since 2019 they have carried out a comprehensive change of packaging in all
their references, to minimise the use of plastic to the maximum and with the
aim of completely eliminating it.

In addition to the Maeloc Cider factory,
the Chantada complex also houses the Hijos de Rivera liqueur distillery and a
Craft Beer Pilot Plant, as well as the Vermut Rivera.
All this in connection with the Cosecha de Galicia project, based on the
cultivation of proximity and the orientation towards the circular economy. 

Customdrinks also formulate and produce La Tita
Rivera’s wine cocktails and develop a made-to-order production service, personalised
formulation and development of beverages and formats.

The implementation of this renewable energy
system is another step on the road to a competitive, regenerating and empathetic
model with the natural environment.


POWEN is the electricity company of those who
generate their own energy because they want an energy alternative based on
savings, respect for the environment and the intelligent use of energy.

POWEN’s goal is to get people and businesses to
have control of their own energy. To this end, it brings solar energy closer to
people’s lives in the form of self-consumption photovoltaic installations,
electrical charging points in homes and businesses, and solar irrigation
facilities for farms.

POWEN offers energy solutions based on
sustainability and the commitment to a digital future that helps people
generate and control their own 100% green energy. In addition, it designs and
adapts customised, innovative, efficient and proven solutions.
#TodoEmpiezaConElSol (#EverythingStartsWithTheSun)

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