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The Hop, the Hijos de Rivera entrepreneurship programme, puts its third edition at the service of hostelry

programme adapts to the current context and is involved in supporting the
sector by identifying its needs and searching for digital solutions that can be
useful for businesses.

this edition relevant startups in the sector will participate, accelerating the
adoption of digital solutions.

Hijos de Rivera turns this project into yet another initiative to support
hostelry, in line with all the activities developed since the beginning of the pandemic.

third edition of The Hop, which begins now, has evolved to adapt to the current
context by focusing on hospitality to continue supporting the sector at such a
difficult time.  The collaborative entrepreneurship program of Hijos de
Rivera, the company that owns Estrella Galicia, aims to identify the digital
needs of the sector and find solutions that can be useful for its development.

third edition will have the participation of startups that allow to improve the
business those in the hospitality sector through digital solutions. Such is the
case of  Xavou, a marketplace that was created in A Coruña and already operates
alongside  big businesses,  Katoo, ecommerce between the premises and suppliers that facilitates
management and operational efficiency, or
Cheerfy, a startup that has a sophisticated
consumer loyalty solution for hospitality premises.

Delgado, Chief Digital Officer of Hijos de Rivera, notes that “being true
to our philosophy of resistance, in this third edition of TheHop we are
committed to supporting the HORECA sector by testing best-in-class solutions throughout the year to help grow our ecosystem,
where hospitality is a relevant channel”

year the dynamics of The Hop have been somewhat different, and work has been
carried out with acquired knowledge and with the wealth of the ecosystem
generated in previous editions, the TheHop Community. So, instead of launching
an open call, a number of start-ups with a presence in the market and proven
solutions have already been selected, in order to bring immediate value to the
hospitality sector.

company has planned other digital initiatives that will be released during the
course of this year, which show a commitment to hospitality and the sector.

and learning through innovative digital business models

has been three years since Hijos de Rivera decided to launch The Hop, a
collaborative entrepreneurship programme that aims to support the development
of disruptive business models and integrate the external talent of the
entrepreneurial community into a company with over a century of history and
with a clear will to go ahead in its digital transformation.

result of the call by Hijos de Rivera in its previous editions, two in Spain
and one in Brazil, was realized in an ecosystem of 941 start-ups of which 12
had the opportunity to accelerate their projects in Spain, and 5 in Brazil.
They all did so with mentors and experts, to culminate in a pilot project that
could be tested directly in Estrella Galicia.

the first edition, the start-ups that participated in TheHop Spain were Data
Monitoring, the Brazilian Flexsas, Supertech, Talentoo, Tappy and Trucksters.
With regard to the second edition of the Programme in Spain, the chosen projects
were iCommunity Labs, Liight, Passion Motorbike Factory, 6DLAB, Sstrategy
Watson. In Brazil, the programme featured Carbon Zero, ChoppUp, Contraktor,
Everlog and Kestraa.

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