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Published on March 30th, 2021 | by mundohr


Trekking through the banks of Ribeira Sacra, Ponte da Boga’s new active leisure proposal

Ponte da Boga, the oldest winery in Ribeira Sacra presents a complete wine tourism offer to get to know the area and its centuries-old winemaking tradition. Visits to the winery and vineyards, wine tastings and pairings, picnic or trekking experiences on the terraces are some of the Ponte da Boga proposals that complete the enormous attraction of the area.

Trekking through the terraces of the vineyards of Ponte da Boga.

Ponte da Boga takes a step further in its wine
tourism offer and invites visitors to participate in a trekking experience
through the terraces of its vineyards.

The oldest winery in Ribeira Sacra presents a
wide range of activities immersed in the world of wine with the additional
incentive of the impressive natural environment offered by the area.

The latest novelty in its experiences catalogue is a guided trekking tour of Costa de Alais, located in the parish of Alais, dominating the Edo River, in front of the “Bosques Máxicos” (“Magic Forests”) of Castro Caldelas. Visitors can enjoy an active tourism activity by climbing the steep terraces that characterise the area, a route on which to discover the different varieties of typical grapes and to some extent discover the hard conservation work of the crop, what is known as heroic viticulture. This activity has an average difficulty with a slope of 60%, and closes with a visit to the winery and the annotated tasting of three of the most significant wines of Ponte da Boga.

But on the winery
you can
also book other types of experiences such as tastings and visits to the winery with walks in the vineyards, cheese & wine pairings, and
original picnic baskets, in which you only have to open up the  senses, deciding with whom you will create
unique moments in the oldest winery of Ribeira Sacra.

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